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  • Thursday, December 01, 2005

    today is my first ever attempt to drive myself to the mall this late. i'm in greenhills now... in this net cafe... place is nice huh... i can stay here forever. the pc is a lot faster than mine. nice.
    freedom feels good... being alone is also calming... but huhh... what i can't bear is the chaos in my head. i have been thinking of a lot of things lately. as always...just direction... no sense at all.

    bratinette * 10:25 pm

    Friday, November 18, 2005
    shopping spreee!!!

    Yippeeee!!! I'm in Bangkok! at last!!! Away from the office! haha!
    here check out our pix....

    bratinette * 12:20 am

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005
    just a fad?

    the season of break-ups... and heartaches.  i've been to two weddings the past month..yupp, exchange of vows, exchange of promises of forever...but is there really such a thing as forever?

    love is a very strong feeling to hold back. losing someone, with fault or without is very difficult. how i wish nobody ever has to go through such a thing, most especially the ones i love...and of course myself.

    that is my greatest fear i guess...being abandoned, and being left behind. i do hope others, most especially those in that situation now,  know how to handle themselves. and will learn to find the reason behind it. and despite the pain...will learn to be strong and move on...or hold on if she has to.

    i wish this seasons ends soon, i really wish it's just a fad. i do hope everything falls back into place again. ei, i can understand what you are feeling and what you are going through...i'm just here, a call, an e-mail, snail mail or a text message away...

    Life-changing events do not happen by accident.
    They are not determined by the stars...
    They are not by chance...
    There is no such thing as chance.
    The Lord uses every situation in life to accomplish His purposes

    bratinette * 12:34 am

    Sunday, October 02, 2005
    married na! at last.

    Best wishes to you Dinx and Jen!!!

    It was really one successful wedding....congratulations to you two! O how much ang laman ng treasure chest?!?!?! Hehheh...Here are our!

                                     us six....                          & dinx

    ...the newlyweds

    i uploaded all our pictures taken from my cam in my webshots  "more photos" to see them!

    bratinette * 5:15 am

    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    i have not been in touch lately..i know.
    let me make it up, here's a nice poem on friendship... (i finally found time to scan it from the book...)
    yoohoo? my friends out there...paramdam pa rin kayo...kahit di ako madalas magparamdam... i'm starting to miss you....yoohoo? ...1st on the list, margarita?! pssst!!


    bratinette * 11:59 pm

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005
    angels, breathe in...breathe out...

    As requested by's our picture at teri boy (eastwood) last night...

    Yoohoo? If ever you are our officemate...yepp you, I mean you, the one reading this. Tsk..tsk..For sure, napagusapan ka na namin. Heheheh! From 8pm till midnight?! What better & more enjoyable thing can we do than gossip? Hahah! Nahh...joke! We may have spared you. (",) It was more of a stress reliever for us. (don't we look so stressed-out despite being dressed in white?!) (of course, except you dong - gigolo for life) Not that we're so stressed with office work?! Duhh?! We just had to release our tensions and heartaches......

    bratinette * 11:50 pm

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