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  • Saturday, August 25, 2007
    baby tonio and baby nikki


    Aren't we soo adorable? Hahaha! Tonio and I often argue about who our kids look like, most esp now three na sila. So imagine how long our debate takes! Yesterday it was about whom JM got his curls, kaya we ended up raiding our baby albums again. So now, you be the judge. Big Smile Who looks like who?

    bratinette * 1:08 am

    Monday, August 20, 2007
    mommy matters...

    Moms choose the best for their kids.  So, today, let me share with you some of the good stuff I give my kids. Believe it or not I have my mommy side too! Hey, give me a chance! AngryHahah! I'm not an "oh-so-hands-on" mom, but I have learned a few things in the past 8 years. Okay, let's start with the milk, NAN HA1 is still the best infant formula. It's the closest to breast milk.  When you're child is 6 months old, switch to NAN HA2. Vitamins are not recommended, especially if your child is healthy. The milk itself has the complete amount of vitamins needed in one day. Well I guess, vitamin C is okay, since excess vitamin c gets flushed out of the body anyway. Nappies. I've tried every brand, and Huggies red is still the best, it doesn't leak, doesn't shred to pieces, doesn't cause diaper rash and it's reasonably priced. And they have the new XXL size, fits Sam perfectly! The only problem I have with Huggies is that all their nappies look exactly alike, of course except for the size. JM uses Large Huggies, and after their bath, the yayas sometimes have to put the nappies side by side to tell which one is Sam's & which is JM's. Why not color code it? Just a suggestion.Shades Okay next, powder.  Johnson's Baby Powder 99% Cornstarch. It doesn't cause rashes, and it can be placed on the face. It's texture is not fine like the others, that's why it doesn't make the kids sneeze. Bath soap, prevents skin asthma and rashes, very, very mild - can even be used on the other than Oilatum soap. It may cost a lot more than other baby soaps, but it really is worth it, especially if your child has skin asthma. Oh! And cream for skin asthma, Elidel Cream, no steroids, 100% effective.

    There! That's about it, I guess, I still can't recommend the other stuff…give me, maybe another 8 years. Hahaha! But hey, let me remind you, these stuff I mentioned are not easy to find. Most, if not all, can be found at    SM Hypermart. I shop at their Pasig branch across Tiendesitas. It's the gigantic grocery with the apple green plastic bags. I just love the color of their plastic bags! They're really worth reusing. It's also the grocery where most of the cashiers wear the same color of eye shadow. Yellow green ha to match their uniform, the others have shimmer-shimmer pa talaga! Big SmileHahaha! But hey, watch these cashiers place your groceries in the bag right after scanning them. Very organized, no need for a bagger. Outside, but still within the SM Supercenter, there's a Watsons drug too, you can get the Elidel Cream there. Oh and you should also try the food court, they call it Taste Asia I think. They have fresh shrimps and crabs, pick a resto and they'll cook them for you in whatever way you want! Um-yumm! This is making me hungry. Okay, I'll save my food trips for another blog entry. 'Til then! SmileSee ya!


    Above are pix of Sam & JM's milk, XXL nappy & distilled water. Also Hypermart's apple green plastic bag. And that's Tonio in the other pix, taken at the counter. Sayang, I should've taken the picture from the side so you can see the cashier's eye makeup. Hahaha!

    "Be updated and interact with SM Hypermarket through their blog." Wink

    bratinette * 1:20 pm

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    It has been a long time since i've kept myself in a "box".  I refused to get in touch with my friends...with the world. But now, i can say that I'm out of rehab. What was the reason for it? I have no idea. Maybe those who became pregnant two years in a row can relate, I dunno. Or maybe I had "worries" (i refuse to call them problems) one over another that I withdrew myself from the world. I'm just so blessed to have wonderful friends, who despite that, held on to our friendship. I was only within reach through YM for such a long time, I would not even reply to text messages. Ei..but I really appreciate those who never gave up sending me quotes and jokes and hi's. Thanks a lot friendships!Big Smile Without you knowing, you've made life so much happier for me. Oh blessings blessings! I've lost count. Friends, my li'l rascals, yaya, my family, hunnybee-bee, airsoft and Havaianas!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely well...but maybe a few more Havaianas and I'll be good as new! Hear that bee? Ehemm...Havaianas? Duty Free? Akyat ka lang, $10-$17 lang. Hahaha!!!Wink But really, I guess I've had my fair share of rough times, and I know they're far from over. Nobody thinks that any of my worries are worth worrying about, but..they are naman ah? haay, at times it takes so much effort to feel contented, but hey.. life is too short to waste... Smile

    ..and there are lots more Havaianas to buy! Heheheh!


    bratinette * 6:30 pm

    Friday, August 03, 2007
    i'm back!

    Big SmileIt has been more than a year! Phew! Time is so fast. In my last entry I hoped to be more grown up by the time I reach 30. Guess what?! Nothing's changed! HeheheBig Smile So, what has happened in the past 18 mos? Well, of course Sam isn't our baby anymore. JM is! He's so adorable. Imagine Sam just turned two last March and JM is turning one this September...Hahah! Sipag mag baby noh? Well I sure hope ndi na masundan pa, though my last labor & delivery wasn't as difficult as Sam's, I still don't want to go through that anymore. Most especially the 9 months of being SO fat. Oh well I do hope blogging becomes a habit for me again. Even though I'm home most of the time, there is still a lot to tell. Okay okay, before I end this, let me update you with what  has been going on around...

    • Em - She's leaving again for the States tomorrow I think --to enjoy the last year of her single life? Hmm! Well..let's just wait and see.
    • Jade - Works in makati now. So haba na her hair, but she's still so madly inlove with Boogel.
    • Lady - Left for the States already, nagpakalayo-layo na nga to find her happiness. We don't talk anymore.
    • Dingdong - Works at the airport with Tonio although on a different shift. He has a very cute li'l boy.
    • Jerome & Den - Has a cute li'l boy too. Migs. He just turned one, di nga ako nakapunta eh.
    • Amby - She's here on vacation for a month. Aside from Adri, she has a little girl na mukhang anime. Of course pretty pa rin siya, slim as always.Hurmph
    • Jebby - In Dubai already, still searching for his soulmate.
    • Karol - She drops by the house once in a while to visit me. So sweet friendship ko na yun.
    • Kuya - The reason why I'm so addicted to airsoft. Tongue He still has MP of course
    • Mikka - 3rd year college already, no boyfriend. Dreams of singing. Whatever. This Sunday she'll sing in a mall as front act for Gloc 9's album tour. (Thanks Thea!'s a dream come true for her.)
    • Tonio - Ayun, malandi pa rin! hahahah! Well we just celebrated our 11th year together last July 29th...and I guess the spark is still there. Naglalandian pa rin kami eh, I really hope that it won't changeSmile 
    • Myself - I have not been so nice these past months. Hahaha! Period. Hahaha!Big Smile

    bratinette * 10:38 pm

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006
    it's my b-day...

    happy birthday to me! i'm 29 already.  my bday kiss...Big Smile

    thanks to everyone who remembered me on my birthday (big thanks to friendster)..  well..i do hope that before i turn 30, i'll become more grown up..hehehe, more disciplined, and i do hope i start moving on the right direction already. haay i just have a couple of months to go....Surprise

    infact, i just resigned from my job...funny! they're even asking for a refund of my salary!!? duhh?! they have always been  late in paying me my salary, now they're even asking for a refund? Angryno way.

    huhh..well i hope this is not a bad start...i mean with regard to work. i do hope things turn out well, most esp with the business we plan to put up...Smile

    my birthday wish: Winkcontentment and Big Smileoverflowing love in my family

    bratinette * 11:39 pm

    Thursday, January 05, 2006
    happy new year!

    Well...I've stopped blogging for sometime. Was busy keeping things to myself kasi. Hahahah! Oh my last blog...i was not in the best mood to write. Heheh! well, that's me...ever so moody. Good thing this year started out pretty well.  I had no reason to be in a bad mood. Big Smile

    Happy New Year everybody!!!Wink ....

    Em-Em: missss hanging out with you!!! Pupi kasi nang Pupi eh! Big Smile               

    Jade: less alcohol for you this year! hahah! pero pwede na rin, i still want to see you lap dance! Shocked                                                                                                     

    Dinky: Daddy ka na!!! Surprise Big Smile                                                                                      

    Carol: Smile! Luv ka ni Dong!!! Heheh...WinkYihee!!                                                   

    Lady: Sige na nga, magpakalayo-layo ka na...find your happiness...Smile                      

    Kuya: Pssst...go home na...take care ka namin...Big Smile                                          

    Jerome: Daddy ka na rin!!!Big Smile                                                                                  

    Yvette(?): hahaha!...pakatotoo ka uy! you know you're not niceHurmph                       

    Den & Jen: goodluck!!! you'll be great mommies!      

    Boogel: hala! wala ni si Daday!!! Surprise                                           

    Tonio: hunnybee! kahit taon-taon palandi ka nang friends pa rin tayo... Tongue ever-ever..                                                                                                   

    Myself: uuy..bagong taon na pakabait ka naman na! hehehehe!!!Angry        

    bratinette * 10:27 pm

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