Entry: happy new year! Thursday, January 05, 2006

Well...I've stopped blogging for sometime. Was busy keeping things to myself kasi. Hahahah! Oh well...in my last blog...i was not in the best mood to write. Heheh! well, that's me...ever so moody. Good thing this year started out pretty well.  I had no reason to be in a bad mood. Big Smile

Happy New Year everybody!!!Wink ....

Em-Em: missss hanging out with you!!! Pupi kasi nang Pupi eh! Big Smile               

Jade: less alcohol for you this year! hahah! pero pwede na rin, i still want to see you lap dance! Shocked                                                                                                     

Dinky: Daddy ka na!!! Surprise Big Smile                                                                                      

Carol: Smile! Luv ka ni Dong!!! Heheh...WinkYihee!!                                                   

Lady: Sige na nga, magpakalayo-layo ka na...find your happiness...Smile                      

Kuya: Pssst...go home na...take care ka namin...Big Smile                                          

Jerome: Daddy ka na rin!!!Big Smile                                                                                  

Yvette(?): hahaha!...pakatotoo ka uy! you know you're not niceHurmph                       

Den & Jen: goodluck!!! you'll be great mommies!      

Boogel: hala! wala ni si Daday!!! Surprise                                           

Tonio: hunnybee! kahit taon-taon palandi ka nang palandi...best friends pa rin tayo... Tongue ever-ever..                                                                                                   

Myself: uuy..bagong taon na pakabait ka naman na! hehehehe!!!Angry        


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