Entry: i'm back! Friday, August 03, 2007

Big SmileIt has been more than a year! Phew! Time is so fast. In my last entry I hoped to be more grown up by the time I reach 30. Guess what?! Nothing's changed! HeheheBig Smile So, what has happened in the past 18 mos? Well, of course Sam isn't our baby anymore. JM is! He's so adorable. Imagine Sam just turned two last March and JM is turning one this September...Hahah! Sipag mag baby noh? Well I sure hope ndi na masundan pa, though my last labor & delivery wasn't as difficult as Sam's, I still don't want to go through that anymore. Most especially the 9 months of being SO fat. Oh well I do hope blogging becomes a habit for me again. Even though I'm home most of the time, there is still a lot to tell. Okay okay, before I end this, let me update you with what  has been going on around...

  • Em - She's leaving again for the States tomorrow I think --to enjoy the last year of her single life? Hmm! Well..let's just wait and see.
  • Jade - Works in makati now. So haba na her hair, but she's still so madly inlove with Boogel.
  • Lady - Left for the States already, nagpakalayo-layo na nga to find her happiness. We don't talk anymore.
  • Dingdong - Works at the airport with Tonio although on a different shift. He has a very cute li'l boy.
  • Jerome & Den - Has a cute li'l boy too. Migs. He just turned one, di nga ako nakapunta eh.
  • Amby - She's here on vacation for a month. Aside from Adri, she has a little girl na mukhang anime. Of course pretty pa rin siya, slim as always.Hurmph
  • Jebby - In Dubai already, still searching for his soulmate.
  • Karol - She drops by the house once in a while to visit me. So sweet friendship ko na yun.
  • Kuya - The reason why I'm so addicted to airsoft. Tongue He still has MP of course
  • Mikka - 3rd year college already, no boyfriend. Dreams of singing. Whatever. This Sunday she'll sing in a mall as front act for Gloc 9's album tour. (Thanks Thea!..it's a dream come true for her.)
  • Tonio - Ayun, malandi pa rin! hahahah! Well we just celebrated our 11th year together last July 29th...and I guess the spark is still there. Naglalandian pa rin kami eh, I really hope that it won't changeSmile 
  • Myself - I have not been so nice these past months. Hahaha! Period. Hahaha!Big Smile


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