Entry: nix-in-a-box Friday, August 10, 2007

It has been a long time since i've kept myself in a "box".  I refused to get in touch with my friends...with the world. But now, i can say that I'm out of rehab. What was the reason for it? I have no idea. Maybe those who became pregnant two years in a row can relate, I dunno. Or maybe I had "worries" (i refuse to call them problems) one over another that I withdrew myself from the world. I'm just so blessed to have wonderful friends, who despite that, held on to our friendship. I was only within reach through YM for such a long time, I would not even reply to text messages. Ei..but I really appreciate those who never gave up sending me quotes and jokes and hi's. Thanks a lot friendships!Big Smile Without you knowing, you've made life so much happier for me. Oh blessings blessings! I've lost count. Friends, my li'l rascals, yaya, my family, hunnybee-bee, airsoft and Havaianas!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely well...but maybe a few more Havaianas and I'll be good as new! Hear that bee? Ehemm...Havaianas? Duty Free? Akyat ka lang, $10-$17 lang. Hahaha!!!Wink But really, I guess I've had my fair share of rough times, and I know they're far from over. Nobody thinks that any of my worries are worth worrying about, but..they are naman ah? haay, at times it takes so much effort to feel contented, but hey.. life is too short to waste... Smile

..and there are lots more Havaianas to buy! Heheheh!



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