Entry: mommy matters... Monday, August 20, 2007

Moms choose the best for their kids.  So, today, let me share with you some of the good stuff I give my kids. Believe it or not I have my mommy side too! Hey, give me a chance! AngryHahah! I'm not an "oh-so-hands-on" mom, but I have learned a few things in the past 8 years. Okay, let's start with the milk, NAN HA1 is still the best infant formula. It's the closest to breast milk.  When you're child is 6 months old, switch to NAN HA2. Vitamins are not recommended, especially if your child is healthy. The milk itself has the complete amount of vitamins needed in one day. Well I guess, vitamin C is okay, since excess vitamin c gets flushed out of the body anyway. Nappies. I've tried every brand, and Huggies red is still the best, it doesn't leak, doesn't shred to pieces, doesn't cause diaper rash and it's reasonably priced. And they have the new XXL size, fits Sam perfectly! The only problem I have with Huggies is that all their nappies look exactly alike, of course except for the size. JM uses Large Huggies, and after their bath, the yayas sometimes have to put the nappies side by side to tell which one is Sam's & which is JM's. Why not color code it? Just a suggestion.Shades Okay next, powder.  Johnson's Baby Powder 99% Cornstarch. It doesn't cause rashes, and it can be placed on the face. It's texture is not fine like the others, that's why it doesn't make the kids sneeze. Bath soap, prevents skin asthma and rashes, very, very mild - can even be used on the face...no other than Oilatum soap. It may cost a lot more than other baby soaps, but it really is worth it, especially if your child has skin asthma. Oh! And cream for skin asthma, Elidel Cream, no steroids, 100% effective.

There! That's about it, I guess, I still can't recommend the other stuff…give me, maybe another 8 years. Hahaha! But hey, let me remind you, these stuff I mentioned are not easy to find. Most, if not all, can be found at    SM Hypermart. I shop at their Pasig branch across Tiendesitas. It's the gigantic grocery with the apple green plastic bags. I just love the color of their plastic bags! They're really worth reusing. It's also the grocery where most of the cashiers wear the same color of eye shadow. Yellow green ha to match their uniform, the others have shimmer-shimmer pa talaga! Big SmileHahaha! But hey, watch these cashiers place your groceries in the bag right after scanning them. Very organized, no need for a bagger. Outside, but still within the SM Supercenter, there's a Watsons drug too, you can get the Elidel Cream there. Oh and you should also try the food court, they call it Taste Asia I think. They have fresh shrimps and crabs, pick a resto and they'll cook them for you in whatever way you want! Um-yumm! This is making me hungry. Okay, I'll save my food trips for another blog entry. 'Til then! SmileSee ya!


Above are pix of Sam & JM's milk, XXL nappy & distilled water. Also Hypermart's apple green plastic bag. And that's Tonio in the other pix, taken at the counter. Sayang, I should've taken the picture from the side so you can see the cashier's eye makeup. Hahaha!

"Be updated and interact with SM Hypermarket through their blog." Wink


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