Entry: My li'l boy is ONE! Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My JM is one! His party was a success. The preparation took up a lot of time and energy, and everything was over in just one day! Big Smile Among the 3, JM's party is the most tiring and stressing..Heheh! Bunso kasi, kaya I really wanted to do most of the things myself. Venue pa lang, I went from one place to another just to check out the possible venues. Same with the church. Called every party shop, just to find a good party host - magician (And i did, thanks Wizzo! The kids, and even the adults loved him). Birthday banner, I made the layout myself and just had it printed out on tarpaulin. Invites, of course, layout and printing by me. What else? Even went to Rustan's for the baby registry, did the listing down myself (with Tonio), AngryI didn't want a saleslady following me around kasi. Heheh! Loot bags and prizes, I went to Divi Mall, 168 and Tutuban Mall for these. Also got some stuff from SM, Tiendesitas  and Cherry. I even had to replace the paper bags I bought at SM. When I got home, I realized that they didn't look appealing to kids, that's why I replaced them with plastic baskets the following day. Good thing SM's system for exchange of items is well organized, sanay na sila, kaya I didn't have a hard time. Having three li'l rascals, even if it was only JM who was celebrating his b-day, all 3 of them had to buy new clothes. Shangri-la for me is the best place to shop for their clothes, ang daming choices kasi. Got Carlos pants from Spin. Didn't need to get him a polo, cause his Lola just bought him a Lacoste polo the week before. Bought JM beige pants and a cute polo at Gingersnaps. Also bought Sammi skinny jeans at Gingersnaps and an off shoulder blouse at Kids of Bayo. Shoes pala at SM, Shang was closing by the time I was done kasi. And JM's barong for his baptism, guess where I bought it? Heheh! Kamuning Market! I wanted him to look like a big boy, so I wanted a long-sleeved barong paired with beige pants. Ayun! But when I found it, it looked 'cheap' to me kasi siguro I knew where it's from, kaya I bought gold-rimmed buttons to replace the ones on it. The buttons on his cuffs were gold-rimmed too, but with a small diamond in the center. The buttons made the barong really look different, mukha nang expensive talaga.Big Smile Since it was a costume party, JM just wore Carlos' race car driver costume which he also wore on his 1st birthday, Carlos naman wore his bdu for airsoft (I just bought him a dog tag to complete his soldier look). The off shoulder blouse I got Sammi had "music is my life" written on it, so  I got her a toy electric guitar at Tiendesitas to complete her rock star look, she was so cute. Big Smile I rented Barney styro standees also and got someone to decorate the place with a few balloons. And I just asked a friend to make the cake (thanks Hac!). I printed out Barney coloring pages and activities and placed them on the kiddie tables with cups of crayons. The kids seemed to enjoy the party naman. JM did, so with Sam and Carlos. Well that's what's important to me. All of my hardwork paid off. Wink

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