Entry: so excited! Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bangkok here I come!! It has been 2 years!!! Carlos and Mikka will be joining us in this trip, it will be their first time. Our tickets are already with me. Passports na lang nila Myx and Carlos ang kulang..Kainis nga Tues. pa makukuha, then our flight is on Wednesday at 8pm. Oh well..I'm sure nothing will go wrong, rebooking fee is $50 noh, kaya nothing should really go wrong. Big Smile Hehehe! I bought a new luggage bag for this trip, ewan ko ba what got into me. It's really nice, it's a capuccino-colored Delsey. I couldn't stop myself from buying it. Medyo nag object nga si Tonio, kasi ndi ko naman daw magagmit lagi, but I really wanted it... Winkso agree na rin siya. As of today, I'm 90% done with the packing of our clothes and stuff. Meds na lang, chargers, toiletries and slippers. Ooooh can't wait!

I have to really make the most out of this trip na, yaya will be leaving in May to get married!!! Wahhh. I know! It's really terrible! I don't know how it'll be like without her, she has been around since Carlos was a year old. Oh well, I guess it's just about time na talaga for me to become a housewife --- for real. Eeew.Tongue  Hahahaha! So I guess I have to shop for housewife stuff in Bangkok na di ba? A pretty apron, happy housewife outfits, gloves, makeup, gardening stuff, cooking stuff and what else...ah, I can get a housewife's best friend too! Maybe a golden retriever from the Chatuchak Market will do? Hihihihi!!! Yoohoo Bee Bee!?! (I guess it'll be cheaper for him to get new yayas and maids rather than keep me at home!) Hehehe!Wink


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